Vancouver to Alaska!

Hi! Thanks for visiting. I’ve decided to create a blog to document my upcoming trip from Vancouver to Alaska. The goal of which is to share what I’ve been up to with friends and family.

The ‘plan’ is to leave for Alaska the beginning of August, return to Vancouver late August and return to Ontario by September 1st for my cousin’s wedding. I’ll be hitching a ride to Alaska with two gentlemen from New Zealand, Jason and Rob, who I met during the ski season. Anchorage from Vancouver is approximately the same distance Toronto is from Golden (Golden is the small town I lived in for the winter season). We will make the journey in Jason’s Ford Explorer affectionately known as ‘Dora’.

Below are some pictures of life in Golden working a Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. More posts to come soon.

Leaving Ontario November 2011.

Early morning shift in the loader

Early morning loader shift.

I don't have many pictures of the mountain, here's one that shows what the in bounds terrain is like. The person backwards in the air is me trying a spin off a little cliff.

Spin off a little cliff on CPR ridge, followed shortly by an undocumented tomahawk.


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